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Award-winning travel and personal finance editor and writer, Caribbean editor of Recommend magazine, executive editor of Tripatini.com, and dog lover. Follow me on Twitter at @EdWetschler.
Since escaping a corner office at Diversion Magazine (Hearst) in 2004, I've written and/or edited for...
  • The New York Times
  • Delta Sky magazine
  • Caribbean Travel & Life
  • Budget Travel
  • Recommend
  • Frommers, Gadling, Buckettripper, SmarterTravel.com, Tripatini and other travel websites
  • Personal finance and leisure publications for Wachovia, Wells Fargo, the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, and the Ford Motor Company.

I also write pro bono press releases for a nonprofit. I'm the ethics chair of SATW and former chair of the Northeast Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers. I'm better at social media than anyone who's older, and older at social media than anyone who's better. My wife, indeterminate terrier and I govern Greenwich Village, NY. 

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